4 Things I Didn’t Expect Posting Every Day for 2 Months

And what I’m doing next.

Gray Miller
5 min readJan 13, 2022


After I finished #ship30for30, I wasn’t sure what do with my re-invigorated writing habit.

I wasn’t a stranger to blogging — both personally and professionally, I’ve been an on-and-off content writer for years. That’s why there’s over 800 Medium posts in my account — I made the mistake of importing all seven years of my personal development blog into it (pro tip: don’t do that).

When I read this article by @Khadejah, though, something resonated:

I knew I could write for 30 days in a row; could I do it for a year?

That question remains to be answered. I do know, as of today, that I can post every day for two months.

Here’s some of the things that I didn’t expect:

1. I actually made money.

Back in 2018, I had decided to try and break into the Serious Writers club on Medium and make some money. I took workshops, I agonized over edits, I analyzed headlines, and published about 1–3 articles a week.

In four months I made a whopping $15. I gave up. Obviously I was not going to make it.

This time around, I wasn’t in it for the money. I just wanted to be a person who posted every day. But much to my surprise, by December 28th (after posting a metered story every day behind the paywall) I’d broken into the legendary “$100 writer” club.

I’m not going to retire quite yet. And I’m messing around with the free/metered articles which means I may make less this month. Not being concerned with the money gives me the freedom to do that.

2. Stats are dangerous.

Since I’m only writing to write, it shouldn’t make a difference to me whether people read it or not, right?



Gray Miller

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